What is Aselia Con?

Aselia Con is a 3 day fan convention dedicated to the celebration of the Tales series. Since 2013, fans have been gathering from all over the country to share their love of these games together. We offer a video game room featuring every localized Tales game as well as many other games, fun and creative Tales-themed panels hosted by fans, cosplay gatherings, an Artist Alley where you can browse and purchase some amazing art from talented artists, and a lot more.

Fans of all types are welcome at Aselia Con. Whether you've played every Tales game backwards and forwards, or you're just starting your first game, we're happy to have you at the con!

Who We Are:

Aselia Con is classified as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our mission is to provide a safe and welcoming space for fans of the "Tales of" video games to share their passion for video games, as well as their skills and knowledge of related topics. Our staff are all unpaid volunteers who put in hundreds of hours of work each year as a labor of love. Our favorite part of the con is seeing Tales fans having fun together!


The idea for Aselia Con began almost as a joke, when a few Tales fans met at a panel at another con, and shortly after, started planning a meet-up for Tales fans in the area. Thus was born Tales of Outlaw, a Facebook fan group which started out with less than 10 members. The purpose of Tales of Outlaw was to discuss our love of Tales while planning what we were calling “Tales Mini Con”, which was scheduled for March of 2013. By the time March rolled around, Tales of Outlaw had grown, and now included many members from all across the country. Aselia Con 1 welcomed over 100 fans from near and far, catching us all by surprise!

Over the years, Aselia Con has come a long way. What we never could have predicted was the sense of community that would develop among our attendees. We are extremely thankful for our wonderful attendees, who continue to make Aselia Con such a joy!

Want to get involved?

There are several ways you can help out! Spread the word about Aselia Con! Bring your friends! Consider making a donation or purchasing a Sponsor badge to our next con. Apply to volunteer at the con!