AMV Contest

AMV contest for 2020 has been cancelled.

Like the Tales series? Love editing amazing videos? Submit your Tales AMVs to Aselia Con’s AMV Contest!

Categories For Entry

The action category should be videos that focus more on action/fighting/intense themes and sequences. 

The drama category may includes romance, tragedy, or any genre that focus primarily on emotional themes. 

The comedy category may include parody videos, “crack” videos, funny song covers, any meant to illicit humorous reactions. 

There will be a winner chosen from each category, an audience pick, and a best in show. Videos will be judged on editing, storytelling ability, and visuals by industry professionals. 

Submission Guidelines

Submitting Your Video:

Deadline: Your submission must be emailed by January 31st 2020. Entries received late will not be considered for placing nor will they be added to the final screening.

General Rules

Any video that does not adhere to the rules will be disqualified. If there is an issue with your video’s formatting or other technical issues you may be contacted and given the opportunity to fix it, but this is not guaranteed.