Silent Art Auction

The Silent Art Auction will be back by popular demand!

Artists will have the opportunity to submit pieces to the auction for a low cost of $5 per piece. There is no need to sign up in advance for the auction. Simply bring your art to the con and submit it to staff at the registration table, along with your payment.

Attendees place bids throughout the convention by writing their name, phone number, and bid amount on the corresponding auction bid sheet. All bids must be received by 12:00pm on Sunday and the winning bidder may pick up their piece after 12:00pm.

Art Auction

Entry Rules

Bidding Rules


Copyrighted Merchandise
Aselia Con and its associates will not tolerate the sale or display of illegally manufactured or copied merchandise. There are copyright laws and international trade laws that need to be followed. It is the responsibility of the artist to deal with copyright laws. The Convention, its staff, and all related personnel, assumes no responsibility for checking copyright permission. We respect the wishes of copyright holders. Aselia Con itself holds any jurisdiction over what will or will not be allowed.

Adult Merchandise
Aselia Con is a family friendly convention with minors in attendance. Adult media and merchandise will not be allowed in the Auction. We will not be allowing anything to be entered that we consider obscene, vulgar or in poor taste (at the discretion of Staff). Adult Materials are simply not allowed.

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