Artist Alley

Artist Alley

Applications for 2019 are currently closed

If you would like to apply for the wait list, follow the link below:

Artist Alley Waitlist

Starting for our 2019 year, we’re changing the process for artists to get into our Artist Alley! Please be sure to read all of our Rules and Regulations to accompany the application process.

Important Dates:

If you have questions, please email

Artist Alley Rules and Regulations

(Subject to change depending on venue stuff tbd)

Please read ALL of the rules and regulations for Aselia Con’s Artist Alley before submitting an application form. By submitting an application, all artists agree to follow these rules at all times during Aselia Con.

Aselia Con’s Artist Alley does have a waiting list. Any artists that do not purchase their badge + table by the deadline will forfeit their space and it will be given to the next available artist on the waiting list. All artists on the waiting list have two weeks to purchase their badge + table.

Sign Up Process

On July 15, there will be a link to a Google Form Application posted here, and all social medias.

Sign Ups for 2019 will be JURIED. This means that all artists who apply in the two week period will be judged according to portfolio guidelines.


Why are sign ups much stricter this year than previous years?
Every year we have a record number of applicants compared to the previous! For our 2018 convention we actually had double the amount of applicants as we did tables. This is just to ensure you and our fellow attendees get the best selection of merchandise possible at the convention!

What if I don’t have enough Tales stuff to put into my portfolio?
We only ask that 3 of the images be of Tales theme, the images in your portfolio do not necessarily have to be things you’ll be selling at the con, we just want a good idea of the type of things you draw/sell. These guidelines are being posted so early in advance to give you approximately 4 months to fill a gap in your portfolio if you need to. Past images of sold craft and products are acceptable.

What if I’m a craft artist, and I don’t have any past or present, Tales or otherwise, things to include in my portfolio?
Aselia Con has always been a smaller convention and we love it when new artists get the opportunity to join us! With the sheer amount of people expressing interest in our artist alley, we need to be sure that we can offer a wide variety of items with the visual representation of different medium at the convention. As much as we’d like to accept people off of the promise of they types of things they’ll offer, we need to be able to view or visualize the items in advance. If you don’t have any items made, hopefully this advance notice will give you that time to prepare a few things. Once again the images don’t have to be the items you intend to sell at the con, just images of similar items you plan to have.

I won’t have time to put together a portfolio or make images for it, what do you suggest?
Every year we have an art show, where artists/crafters will put in a piece (limit 2) to have other attendees bid on. You’re more than welcome to create something amazing for the at-convention art show! You can read more about it here.

I would like to apply for the artist alley, but I’m afraid I won’t have enough to sell at the convention for a full table, what should I do?
In an effort to bring more artists to the convention, and for fellow artists as yourself - we’ve introduced half tables! They will be half the size of a normal table, and you will be sharing with another artist. Tables will be split evenly at the convention via tape, to ensure you both get the full half.

I missed the sign up window, but I still want to sell, what do I do?
You may apply for our waitlist. You can also post in our Facebook group Tales of Outlaw, to see if someone would be willing to share their portion of their table with you. If someone is willing to share; you and your sharee MUST e-mail with agreements of this arrangement and include your portfolio link.

FAQ will be updated with any other frequently asked questions. Have a question? E-mail!