Artist Alley

cricketbat (Website)
Cricketbat is a comic artist who loves movies, JRPGs, anime, and wrestling! They've got prints, charms, stickers, pencil bags, buttons, and pillows from fandoms across the board. They specialize in loving beefy men and cute girls.

Direbright (Twitter)
Artist Sasha Becke (direbright) will have large and small prints, buttons, and charms for sale, all with fellow Tales fans in mind!

Duckdachi joined the party (Ko-fi)
Colorful Crayon Commissions by Duckdachi!! Mini prints, large prints, Tales prints! Sticker sheets, buttons. \(ouo)/

Eggplant Papas (Aliana's Twitter, Moldy's Twitter)
Here to represent Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Vesperia, this booth has a variety of goodies of our favorite boys: Kratos Aurion and Yuri Lowell. Stop by for enamel pins, buttons stickers, prints, charms, and very limited copies of the Kratos Zine and Yuan Zine!

Fel's Finery (Etsy)
Provider of fun character inspired masks, prints, buttons and all around finery.

Heart Sparkle (Etsy)
Resin crafts and magnets, largely featuring ToS and FF XIV.

Iridescent of Raynu
Pinback buttons in 1.25 and 2.25 inch sizes; small stickers; prints almost always sized 8x11 inches; hair bows roughly 5x6 inches based off of various fictional characters or locations.

Josie Cuts paper (Twitter)
I create handmade layered paper artwork and decor from recycled scrap. This includes wall art, pins and even at-con commissions!

MildKat (Website)
Selling prints, buttons, keychains, stickers, commissions, and whatever else I felt like making. Also your source for the Rideaux fan merch literally nobody asked for, ever.

North Sea Fairy (Instagram)
Fortune's Market is back, with both old and new assortments of wearable Tales accessories, for cosplay or daily life. We have stickers and prints, too! Decorate your wall and your equipment!

Polka Dotz (Twitter)
I sell tabloid size prints (11x17in), postcards (4x6in), and 2in acrylic charms, all featuring various Tales characters throughout the series.

Ramen Bento (Website)
Swetha & Nivetha Kannan are twin artists selling anime fan art and crafts. We love Tales and Xillia and Tales of Berseria in particular but we’ve played most all the games. Please stop by our booth for stickers, magnets, prints, and more!

SaBasse Studios (Website)
Anime/video game inspired prints, charms, earrings, and more. JRPG heavy, but lots of anime and other geekery as well!

Shippy Things (Website)
Tales of and other jrpg art by GlanceReviver

Spirius Corp (Storenvy)
Holofoil prints for each mothership Tales game, charms for the mobile ones and Dark Wings Digest a Tales celebrity magazine.

Steelfeather Workshop (Facebook)
Steelfeather Workshop is the home-based endeavor of a Texan bird brain specializing in machine embroidery and plush making. Stop by to take a look at a menagerie of iron-on patches, plush keychains, and individually handcrafted plushies of some Tales fan favorites, or simply come say hi!

Studio Snickerdoodle (Website)
Studio Snickerdoodle sells a plethora of 2D artwork and accessories, from Acrylic Keychains, Buttons and Prints to On-Site commissions where you can get custom stickers, buttons and more!

talesofryuuchan (Tumblr)
Prints of varying sizes for Zestiria, Berseria, Symphonia, and Xillia; main cast charms for tales of symphonia, Zestiria, and Xillia; buttons of various ships in Symphonia and Zestiria.

Tears of Proof (Tumblr)
Artwork and merch made with lots of love and tears the Tales series has caused the artist to shed. Xillia 2 creations are a given, but there's a bit of the whole series here (especially of characters that go a bit unloved/noticed). Open Commissions also available as well as lots of tissue for your own Tales-related tears.

ToriKat (Instagram)
If you're looking for keepsakes of your favorite Tales characters, swing by and check out the ever growing collection of art by ToriKat! Or if you just want to talk about how adorable Rollo is or why Jade is such an amazing character, please...~PLEASE~ fangirl with me...^o^ Commissions are available if I happen to be missing your obscure favorites!

WhiteOblivion (Etsy)
Full of Tales goodness in buttons, charms, and pillows!

Wolf and Rabbit Cosplay (Storenvy)
Hi, we are Wolf and Rabbit Cosplay and we will be selling various Tales of inspired items. Have you ever wanted to show your Tales of love for all to see? We got you covered with our huge selection of vinyl decals, shirts, bracelets, and charms. Our decals will go great on your laptops, cars, and cups; while our shirts and bracelets will allow you to show your Tales of love in style. Finally, we carry different cosplay props for decoration or use.

Yappa Saikou A&C (Facebook)
Welcome to Yappa Saikou! We have all your button banner needs here! Whether you're looking to display your massive collection of buttons, pins and clips, or if you just want to decorate your space with stylish merch of your favorite characters, Yappa Saikou's got your back! Come view our wares today!

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