Cosplay Contest

The contest is open to registered attendees only.

You must sign up for the contest online or with Aselia Con staff at the Cosplay Hospital prior to the contest. Sign ups are due before pre-judging.

Online Sign Up

Pre-judging is Saturday 5-7 pm in the hotel lobby, where you will be asked a series of pre-judging questions and your photo will be taken. Please bring any references and worklogs you wish to share with the judges to this prejudging.

Costume must be Tales themed.

In order to be considered for Best in Show and Best Craftsmanship awards, costume must be at least 50% handmade by the cosplayer or a member of the group.

Walk-On Entries: Each participant or group will be allowed 30 seconds on stage to model their costumes. Multiple poses are encouraged!

Skit Entries: Groups must be 6 or less members. Skit must have a script, which must be presented to and approved by the staff before the contest. Keep language and content PG-13! Skits must be at least 2 minutes, but no more than 5 minutes.

The Cosplay Contest will begin at 7pm SHARP. You must check in with cosplay contest staff in Lindbergh 1 by 6:45. Late entries and no-shows will not be eligible for an award (however if you arrive late but before your turn, you may still be able to do your walk-on or skit)


Each main title game will have a photoshoot timeslot! These are to help with organizing photoshoots of all your favorite series! Check the schedule for the time of your series photoshoot, and meet by the Cosplay Hospital as soon as possible (most groups move to other areas of the hotel for better photos).

Cosplay Hospital

If you have a wardrobe malfunction during the con, stop by our Cosplay Ops for help with minor repairs! We have basic supplies available and our Cosplay Director will help you out!

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