KissySensei as Yuri

KissySensei, AKA Christina Arisa, is an East Coast cosplayer who’s been cosplaying for nearly six years. She specializes in prop building and armor making, as well as spreading confidence through cosplay! She’s attended over 20 conventions over the last few years and has enjoyed learning everything she can and meeting new people along the way. Always excited to try new things, KissySensei is ready to take the cosplay world by storm!

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xxfruitcakexx as Velvet

Vanessa (xxfruitcakexx) has been cosplaying since 2005, and started working professionally in 2016. She is a full time cosplayer/streamer, and enjoys playing games and interacting with her viewers. She has worked with several companies, including Gamefly, Viz Media, and Roosterteeth, and is currently contracted with Bandai Namco on their Code Vein team.

She has guested and judged at many conventions and masquerades. She enjoys teaching and learning new things as well as promoting a fun and safe environment in the cosplay community. She has been a huge "Tales of" fan since she first played Tales of Symphonia with her favorite characters being Sheena Fujibayashi and Velvet Crowe. She is honored to be a guest and is excited to attend her first Aselia Con!

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