Dress Code

Whether or not you choose to cosplay at Aselia Con, please be considerate of others when choosing your attire. No offensive or overly revealing costumes or clothing will be allowed. Please remember that our attendees will not be the only guests staying for the weekend. Please keep the following in mind:

We reserve the right to ask any attendee to change their costume or clothing if it is determined to be offensive. If an Aselia Con staff member or DoubleTree employee asks you to change, you must do so or you will be asked to leave the convention.

Weapons and Props

Safety is our top priority during Aselia Con. While we are very excited to see your replica weapons and props, there are a few guildelines for safety which all attendees must abide by:

Attendees must present prop weapons to staff to be inspected. Unsafe weapons must be left in the attendees vehicle or hotel room.