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VIP Badges

The sale of VIP badges helps us bring in a little extra money to keep the con possible, while still keeping regular badge rates low enough that anyone can afford to come if they want to. In a sense, it’s a way for those attendees who have a little more room to spend money to support the con a little extra. In gratitude for their support, VIP badge-holders get some nice bonuses at the con.

VIP badges include:

Sponsor Badges

As we continue to grow, we want to be able to offer our attendees more and more content for a better and better experience, but it is a priority for us to keep our regular badge costs low so anyone can attend. We're hoping that the addition of Sponsor level badges will help us to provide an even better experience to all our attendees while keeping the con affordable for all to enjoy. Sponsor badges will be available online until December 31st. They will not be available at the door.

Sponsor badges include:

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Note that badges are non-refundable.

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