Ribbon Trading

One of our new traditions at Aselia Con is Ribbon Trading! For those of you who are not familiar with Ribbons; attendees make adhesive ribbons to attach to their badge, and give them out to other congoers for various things such as; trading for another ribbon, yelling a phrase, answering trivia questions, cosplaying from a certain series, or a multitude of other activities!

Anyone can collect ribbons at the con by checking the Ribbon Trading Board near registration. There you will find a sample of each ribbon you can collect and a description of how you earn the ribbon.

You can also join in the fun by bringing your own ribbons to trade!  You come up with a design and decide what you want people to do to earn your ribbons.  There are several merchants who sell ribbons but we recommend RibbonsGalore. You'll want to get the 1&5/8 x 4" ribbons for the best fit. When you arrive at the con, just present one of your ribbons to staff and we'll add it to the Ribbon Trading Board so people can start earning your ribbons!

Ribbon Board

If you have questions about Ribbon Trading, please email us at aseliaconaa@gmail.com!

Badge Ribbons

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