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Welcome to the 2021 virtual Aselia Con!

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Suggested Donation: $5

While this virtual con is free to attend, we still need support for future in-person events. If you are able, we'd greatly appreciate donations!

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Friday (March 19)
3-4 pm Tales of Pet Cafe
Calling all pet lovers! Bring your pet and your favorite refreshment and let's see those paw pads!
6-7 pm The Practical Art of Sewing
Are you frustrated by how hard it is to make your sewing look crisp and clean? Do you want to know how to take your sewing from "meh" to "great"? This panel, for both experienced and new sewers, will give you the tools you need to express your love in cosplay for your favorite characters.
10 pm-
Pajama Party
If the thing you miss most about Aselia Con is lounging around the hotel at night hanging out in your jammies with everyone, we have your covered.
Saturday (March 20)
1-2 pm Tales of VS JRPGs
Tales of VS JRPGs is an informative panel intended to explore and discuss how Tales games have managed to stay afloat amongst the ever-changing JRPG industry. We brief on how different eras of the industry may have influenced specific Tales of games, as well as compare and contrast how other specific JRPG series may have shaped (or not shaped) Tales of games.
3-4 pm Cosplay to Dye For
Finding the right fabric in the perfect color can be impossible! On top of that, sometimes you need a special design that simply doesn't exist. In this panel, The Mystic Artisan will share her years of experience to demystify the complexities of dyeing on both synthetic and natural fabrics.
6 pm Cosplay Show
Announcement of the Cosplay contest winners, and a look at cosplays from past Aselia Cons!
7-8 pm Cosplay Gathering
Show off your cosplays, or just come to admire!
Sunday (March 21)
1-2 pm Where Do I Start? From a Reference to a Checklist
As excited as we are to cosplay our favorite characters, looking at the reference and trying to figure out all the details can be incredibly daunting. Don't be intimidated - The Mystic Artisan has a solution! In this panel, The Mystic Artisan shares the organization method that keeps her on track for multi-year cosplay projects.
3-4 pm If You Like Tales You Might Also Like
An overview and discussion of various games that you might find interesting if you enjoy Tales of games.
Recorded Panels
How to Make Mabo Curry (YouTube)
Follow along with Laphicet as we make Mabo Curry!
Yggdrasil: From Tales to Reality (YouTube)
The Yggdrasil Tree is a center point of many Tales games. It fosters mana, creates magic, or is even the center of the world. But what is the mythology behind Yggdrasil? Where does the Yggdrasil exist in real life? Join me on a road trip to find the answers and bring Tales into the real world.
Tales of Colors & Symbols: Xillia and Xillia 2 Characters (YouTube)
As we discuss what different colors symbolize, we will examine the colors used for each character design and how this is used to reveal who they are and how this foreshadows their transformation through their journey. We will also explore how the changes in colors chosen in Xillia verses Xillia 2 reflect how the characters have changed since their adventures in Xillia.

Rappig Hunt

There are 6 rappigs hidden throughout Aselia Con's website! Find them for a chance to win a prize!

Winners: Aydan & Bibliophile Emily


Artist Alley

Aselia Con
Aselia Con

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Lord of Rappigs
Lord of Rappigs

Fanart merchandise of rappigs and other Tales characters.

Spirius Corp
Spirius Corp

Prints, charms and zines!


Offers anime keychains, Tales prints, and watercolor art. It was a blast to work on commissions at the past AseliaCons. Online commission listing coming soon!


Hi! I’m Nyx and I’m a freelance illustrator. I make buttons, prints, charms, plushies, and I’m now taking commissions (see on Instagram) I’m so happy to be here!

Steelfeather Workshop
Steelfeather Workshop

Steelfeather Workshop is the operation of a Texas-based cryptid bird brain who enjoys sewing. All products are individually made at home and range from plushies to iron-on patches to soft keychains, many of which feature some Tales fan favorites as well as other game franchises.


I'm a UK-based Symphonia fanartist! Get 10% off your order with Coupon Code ASELIACON21

Nerdtistic Park
Nerdtistic Park

A dynamic duo, Aydan and Peg celebrate the inner geek. From clothing to clocks, bags, boxes, and more, Nerdtistic Park has all of your nerdy needs covered.


A soft Tales of Store Launch! From already made prints and stickers to custom buttons and 4x6 prints, there's sure to be something for you to find!


TwinStarsCo is a co-owned shop that loves to focus on fandoms new, old and niche.

SaBasse Studios
SaBasse Studios

JRPG inspired prints, charms, earrings, and other goodies!

Wolf and Rabbit Cosplay
Have you ever wanted to own your very own reaper coin, Tales of inspired jewelry, or a decal to show your love of the series? Well Wolf and Rabbit Cosplay has you covered with a wide variety of decals, bracelets, and shirts. We also offer Cosplay prints, props, and stl files.